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Our Easy Gov consultancy services will help you quickly understand the effectiveness of your current processes. We can then identify if any gaps exist, and pinpoint where these are. In addition, we provide you with best-practice recommendations on how to address any gaps or risk areas. Gain control, reduce costs, minimise risk.

We specialise in providing Senior and experienced Information Governance Advisors into your organisation, this can be on a full time or part time basis. Contact us for a quotation.Get a Quote

About Our Consultant Services

Key information governance services

Health Checks

Our Health-Checks provide a comprehensive view of your current state. We encapsulate processes, strategy effectiveness, risk areas and immediate priorities for an all-encompassing review. Modular and adaptable, they can be tailored to your requirements. Every Health-Check contains a risk mitigation plan to help with ongoing compliance.

Governance management

Regulations and compliance requirements are constantly changing. Therefore, keeping your governance policies effective can be a strain on your internal resources. Easy Gov can support you in the ongoing development of policies, standards, procedures and processes.

Governance delivery

We assist organisations in delivering improvements and building a sustainable governance culture. Our consultants can design and produce retention schedules, review governance structures, and produce information security risk assessments and risk treatment plans.


Easy Gov consulting services address every aspect of information management, across records management, information governance, knowledge management, data management and technology solutions. We can provide you with full or part time Information Governance Advisors for your organisation.

Online Courses with discounts for organisation.

Delivered to industry best-practice, our services will help you to uncover, manage and exploit your information through health-checks, strategy development, process improvement, delivery and technology implementation.

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